About Us - Executive Leadership


Danielle Kear             


 Danielle has been running Pyrocom, Inc. since it's doors opened in 1997. She has created a sound business model that has lasted through the years and allowed Pyrocom to thrive in the Fire Alarm niche of the construction industry through the good and the bad economy in Las Vegas. She has managed extensive project management requirements for large projects while also managing the finances of the company. Danielle is a full time mother, wife, and CEO. 


Matt Malcomb

       Vice President of Operations

 Matt has worked in the Fire Alarm industry for over 30 years in Las Vegas. He has installed every type of Fire Alarm System that the industry has developed over the last four decades. Matt is an expert in Fire Alarm and Smoke Control design, installation and testing. He has worked with systems of every size including the largest and most advanced Fire Alarm/Smoke Control system. Matt enjoys spending his leisure time with his family, exercising, and going to the rodeo.